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      The format is simple; the first half is classical (solo piano), the second half jazz (with bass and drums.) The classical repertoire points out the links between classical music and jazz. Most of the great classical composers were great improvisors, and many compositions started life as improvisations. Theme and variations, a common form in classical music is the model for most jazz. Many of the harmonies that we associate with jazz were first invented by classical composers. Finally, some "classical" works such as Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue straddle both worlds.

The Fred Moyer Jazz Trio

      The second half of the program features the Fred Moyer Jazz Trio bringing to life the improvisations of legendary jazz pianists and their trios through note-for-note transcriptions of their greatest performances.

Notes & Footnotes


Toccata in E Minor
Johann Sebastian Bach

Twelve Variations on a Russian Dance
Ludwig van Beethoven

Rhapsody in Blue
George Gershwin


Close to You
Erroll Garner

Chick Corea

My Foolish Heart
Bill Evans

First Trip
Herbie Hancock

Tin Tin Deo
Oscar Peterson

Something's Coming
Oscar Peterson

Watch What Happens
Oscar Peterson

Blues Etude
Oscar Peterson

Fred Moyer, Piano
Peter Tillotson, Bass
Bob Savine, Drums