Music has the ability to express what words can't say. It can be a profound experience to attend a concert where the performer plays without speaking a word -- like going to a museum and letting the artwork speak to you directly. On the other hand, sometimes when we go to the museum, a guided tour can open our eyes to aspects of the art that we would otherwise overlook.

A Notes & Footnotes recital is just like any other piano recital -- the music is the main thing. But I do speak from time to time about what I'll be playing. I try to keep the comments brief, relaxed, informal and focused on information that will help the listener enjoy the music. Moreover, a Notes & Footnotes recital is designed to be enjoyed. The programs are varied, with some well-known pieces, some obscure, some short, some long. Often a theme or concept binds the pieces together. My goal is to make it engaging while keeping the music at the highest possible artistic level.