“It doesn't get any better than your performance last night.” MLL, Exeter, NH - 8/28/17

“You were simply marvelous yesterday when you played on our 17th floor. Last night I went to the Phil and heard this pianist. ... He is famous I guess but you truly were much better. ... I go to sleep every night (almost) listening to you." ” JF, Alexandria,VA - 4/11/17

“Your jazz concert was simply awesome ... You surely made my feet tap and my heart sing with joy!” EP, Sarasota, FL - 2/25/17

“It was certainly among the best piano concerts that I have personally heard, ranging from those by Artur Rubenstein, to George Shearing to Bill Charlap.” RJ, Portola Valley, CA - 1/18/17

“You have a gift and your playing reaches the soul. I felt so happy at the end of your performance, and thought 'Wow, music can make you happy.' I could tell other residents were happy as they left” LB, Alhambra, CA - 1/16/17

“I love it when life offers up something grand and catches you unaware, and that's what you did for all of us that night. You sprinkled a little of your magic around. Sitting by me was a woman from Belgium who had grown up with music, her mother was a concert pianist like yourself. Wish you could have seen her listening, eyes closed, arms crossed, blissful look on her face catching every note." ” PM, Greenville, SC - 11/9/16

“Outstanding, marvelous -- not enough paper to write all the superlatives ...” LW, Greenville, SC - 11/7/16

“Your performance here last night was not only musically superb but also theatrically thrilling.” NS, Chester, CT - 10/6/16

“I can't tell you how much I have played your "Tribute Jazz Arts Trio" CD. I'm absolutely amazed at your mastery of the instrument. And you left hand off-beat accompaniment. How you can keep that rhythm spinning! I like the whole CD but my most favorite is "My Foolish Heart". You do it so tenderly. It is such a touching rendition that I, honestly, feel close to tears when I hear it. ” TG, Peabody, MA - 10/4/16

“Every time you have been here it has been wonderful, but I think last night was the best ever.” MK, La Grange Park, IL - 9/26/16

“After listening to you, I understood why people came in such numbers to hear you play. Warm, rich, exciting music. I left feeling so nourished. ... I have never forgotten that beautiful concert...” MT, Nashua, NH - 8/29/16

“As a musician myself, I am so aware of the attention and respect you give each note, and not only the technical perfection and proficiency with which you play, apparently effortlessly, but the emotional connection you have with the music itself, an emotional connection that I am sure is conveyed to each person in your audience. I find your performances mind-altering and uplifting. In addition, your warm presentation and modesty are particularly refreshing.” PR, Mill Valley, CA - 8/20/16

“Everyone at Riverwoods is smiling and saying "Wasn't his concert fabulous?" Thank you again and again for your wonderful talents and expertise.” LM, Exeter, NH - 6/25/16

“My heart sings during your performances - to see those fingers fly - while you use your unique technique to permit the audience to be a part of the performance.” CB, Wernersville, PA - 5/18/16

“As the performance unfolded, I felt as if Beethoven himself played for us. I was, and still am, profoundly moved.” CM, Elizabethtown, PA - 5/17/16

“Seeing the hands play the notes while hearing all the notes play was outstanding -- especially the way the orchestra was put together. I live in constant pain but noticed after your concert that I had not felt any pain during your concert.” SW, Sun City West, AZ - 3/28/16

“Your concert was awesome! The addition of the East-West Orchestra was an amazing enhancement.” ST, Tempe, AZ - 3/22/16

“Your concert was so marvelous that it still remains fresh with me.” SH, Cape Coral, FL - 3/7/16

“-- a truly great performance -- it was the finest we have ever heard!” TR, Bradenton, FL - 2/27/16

“Life has an occasional deep-in-the-soul experience if one is fortunate, and your performance was such an experience for Anne and me.” AM, Melbourne, FL - 2/14/16

“Your concert left us all floating on a cloud of appreciation - and wonder"” SN, Canton, MA - 1/25/16

“I have seen you twice in recent years in classical mode at Plymouth Harbor, but the recent performance at the Artist Series with your jazz trio was a revelation.” JG, Sarasota, FL - 1/23/16

“Some of the best jazz I've ever heard.” CR, Providence, RI - 11/24/15

“Concertgoers here at the Sequoias that I spoke with said it was the best concert they ever heard.” AL, San Francisco, CA - 8/20/15

“You rendering of Rachmaninoff brought tears to my eyes.” JM, Willow Street, PA - 6/6/15

“We enjoyed tremendously your extraordinary super performance! After your heavenly concert, my friend even gently touched you to re-ensure herself that you are an 'ordinary' human being.” AR, Teaneck, NJ - 6/1/15

“It was so beautiful that I could hardly believe what I was hearing.” SH, Baltimore, MD - 5/29/15

“I was overwhelmed by how you could make an instrument 'speak'. For me, it was an experience for a lifetime. You have awakened my love of music ...” RM, Melbourne, FL - 4/3/15

“You are the highlight of our year! Love your mental creations that you bring to life with your hands. The 3rd movement pedal in the Beethoven was so wonderful and effective.” DD, Scottsdale, AZ - 3/19/15

“Your performance was the most thrilling I've ever seen or heard!” JP, Hemet, CA - 3/9/15

“I just want tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed your program -- oral notes and all! ... As a retired piano teacher, I always admire clear technique, fine articulation and wide dynamic range. The fiery pieces were sweeping and grand -- but the second movement of the Mozart sonata truly melted winter woes away.” BS, Tewksbury, MA - 2/5/15

“Your concert here was the undisputed highlight of our musical season. I have never felt such an intense audience rapport to the performer, at our concerts, as you generated that night ... Speaking for myslef, I was enthralled. The whole program was so well planned -- every piece somehow related to the whole -- and your musical comments so appropriate and well delivered. None of us will forget that evening. ” LM, Petersborough, NH - 1/20/15

“My favorite pianist (next to Sviatoslav Richter.)” AM, Worcester, MA - 12/12/14

“Your dexterity, touch, muscle control and strength at the piano are awesome. The concert was well balanced for varying tastes, and the keyboard camera projection adds to one's pleasure and appreciation.” SD, Westborough, MA - 11/21/14

“It was a breath-stopping evening.” PB, Boca Raton, FL - 11/19/14

“You're #2 in my car next to Oscar Peterson.” Sally, Teaneck, NJ - 10/30/14

“You are my inspiration. I become 91 years old this month and am practicing on my new Yamaha Sinding's "Rustle of Spring" ... I am imagining I am you!” CF, Bowie, MD - 6/16/14

“Breath-taking! Your performance gave me goose-bumps all night long. ... You have a talent many of us just dream about.” CB, Wernersville, PA - 6/6/14

“Everyone I talked to thought your music was the best they had ever heard!” PW, Mechanicsburg, PA - 6/5/14

“When I awakened this morning I did not know what a blessing awaited me until I heard you play for us this afternoon. Thank you for nourishing our souls ...” LG, San Diego, CA - 4/10/14

“I want you and Fred to know that more than one person thought that the Peterson-Jamal-etc. time travel concert Fred and company gave was the best they'd heard in our series in ten years.” JF, Naples, FL - 3/18/14

“I can't adequately express how much I gained from your concert...Being able to see the keyboard was marvelous. ... The suppleness of your fingers is amazing. It attests to hours and years of practice. The emotion expressed was not ostentatious but rightly appropriate. Finally, your commentary on each piece enhanced the performance.” JR, Winter Park, FL - 2/18/14

“Fred is absolutely the greatest and when he comes to Heatherwood, it's standing room only!” PK, Yarmouthport, MA - 1/31/14

“Everyone here is still off the wall remembering your concert. ... You're the best in every way!” CE, Canton, MA - 12/27/13

“Your piano selections are wonderful and the accompanying stories charming, memorable and incomparable.” VB, Milwaukee, WI - 11/23/13

“... feedback from your concert was 'wonderful, fantastic, wow!'” Nona Broadman, Avon CT - 9/21/13

“Outrageously superb!! ... took my breath away.” DS, Bridgeport, WV - 7/15/13

“I could say all the things that the NY Times, Boston Globe, and other publications have said about your playing, but it would be redundant. Not only was your program delightfully varied and technically perfect, but your presentation and unassuming manner made the afternoon one to remember. What struck me most of all is how totally you 'embody' the music while you're playing; the music seems to be pouring from your very physical being with nuance, thoughtfulness, and musicality, as though you were channeling the composer himself and refining the passion and purpose of his intent. I . . . taught for 35 years, attended the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy where I grew up. I have heard most of the well-known pianists of my day, concert-going pretty much weekly during my formative years in Rome. I can honestly say that none of these pianists surpass you in 'getting' the music without affectation, being true to the spirit without imposing unnecessary personal distractions that can, with some pianists, come across as arrogant grandiosity, and performing each piece in a way that connects with the hearts and souls of your audience.” Patricia Ross, San Rafael, CA - 7/14/13

“Absolutely love Fred's playing. It is more than fantastic. It is more than brilliant. It is almost spiritual, in fact it is.” RS, Bel Air, MD - 6/17/13

“I've never seen a more enjoyable piano performance. Such hands! ” MS, Wilmington, DE - 5/16/13

“Your playing was that of an artist painting inspiring, exquisite sounds on a canvas.” FTK, Whiting, NJ - 5/8/13

“A few minutes of divine music and a glimpse of a beautiful soul.” RS, Tucson, AZ - 3/17/13

“When Summer Comes is seamlessly delightful - a most beautiful calming rendition - terrific piano tone. Also great fun hearing your jazz trio CDs” GR, Lock Haven, PA - 2/25/13

“...you so well brought out the beauty and emotions of music. Your comments before each piece were informative and delightful.” JC, Pompano Beach, FL - 11/9/12

“...your performance was not only superb but you taught us so much about each selection. That intimacy with an audience is so unusual from an artist of your accomplishments.” EB, Sarasota, FL - 4/29/12

“I really am not able to express the extent of enjoyment I have experienced in listening to the concerts you have given here. ... The beauty of your music is unsurpassable. Your helpful explainations and humorous comments are also tops.” DB, Milwaukee, WI - 1/20/12

“We had no idea we would be treated to such high-quality. Not only your exceptional gift, but your little verbal introductions to your selections were a treat.” PS, Naples, FL - 1/10/10

“Never have we had such a combination of expertise, musicality, showmanship, beauty, and just plain 'wow' combined with modesty and humor and knowledge imparted in such a wonderful way.” PK, Nantucket, MA - 11/9/09

“Your performance last Sunday, your playing, your comments, the program, left me enthralled. Each time I hear you in person, I find myself desiring for more.” DB, Gainesville, FL - 12/10/05

“In the days since you played here, I've heard nothing but raves about your performance. The pieces were beautifully chosen, interestingly described by you and wonderfully played!” RS, Kennett Square, PA - 9/5/05

“I honestly think you are one of the finest pianists in the world. All concerts I have heard you perform have left me feeling almost breathless - 'on cloud nine' to be specific. ... I guess the best compliment I could give, besides your unbelievable technical and musical skills, is that your interpretation of pieces I normally don't particularly care for enables me to actually enjoy the music! Another would be your down to earth approach to talking to the public - on stage and off. Your explanations of the pieces are so helpful in understanding what is going on. ... you could hear a pin drop, for all the attentive listening - including the children!” GL, Fletcher, NC - 11/9/04

“I cannot begin to tell you how much the technical virtuosity but especially the beautiful and poetic interpretations of the numbers you played meant to me. Actually, you are the first pianist I have ever heard who reminded me in many ways of my former teacher Sir Edward Baxter Perry, both in the technical and poetic interpretations of the music but in the interesting commentary included.” KP, Tucson, AZ - 4/10/01